September 3, 2010, I ordered ticket to Wicked from TicketLiquidators.com, Called them to find out where my tickets were, they informed me that they would be sent out by the first week in November.11/08/2010, no tickets, called Northside tickets, they said an employee accidentally canceled a bunch of tickets. They kept offering me other tickets but for different day.

This was a birthday gift, had made arrangements two months in advance, well I have some priceless advice that my lawyer gave me and it got ALL my money refunded, plus 75.00 for the inconvience. It doesn't mean anything to them if you say you are going to sue, tell them that you want your money back by a certain date and if it is not in your account by that day you are going to your prosecuting attorneys office and file charges.

The man that owns this company is Thomas Wheeler, and always ask to speak with a manager. Please always call the venue that is holding the event, I did manage to get tickets and they were considerably cheaper.

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Did not receive tickets to Los Angeles Philharmonic. We were charged $583.80.

Tonight is the night of the concert and nobody there can tell me where my tickets are. I've spoken to Ricky, Alicia and Catherine. They refuse to transfer me to a supervisor. I've been trying to get an answer about where these tickets are for a week.

When I use the on-line ticket tracking #, it says processing and it says my order # is for Tampa Bay Florida football tickets. This is a total sham. I've contacted my credit company and they are cancelling payment to them and disputing the charge with Northside Tickets.

This is a total rip off. :(

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