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Terrible awful experience. I purchased a ticket for the off broadway musical Hair.

While the price they charged me was $220.40, the actual ticket cost was $55, (plus $10.65 to Fred Meyer Ticket Master) and was in a terrible location in the theater. Northside Ticket charged me $170 + $37.40 + $15 for a $55 ticket. When I called they said it was because the show was sold out and they sell tickets to sold out shows. However.

I live near Fred Meyer retail store and contacted them as well as the Theater and Ticket Master. All confirmed that the show was not sold out for any of the show dates at the time of my inquiry, (after receiving my tickets from Northside tickets). Northside Tickets is a huge rip off to the consumer. They state that they do not sell you their own tickets but then once you recieve them the tickets may be from Ticket Master.

They neglect to state anywhere on their site as of 12/23/2010, that Northside Tickets may charge you over $100 extra for no particular reason for a ticket that might only be $10, ), according to Katherine Heely of Northside Tickets).

Their staff is not helpful and pretty much tells you they have been doing this for 20 years and if you don't like it go someplace else. Do not let these people take advantage of you.

Call your lawyer, find others who have been taken advantage of by this company and contact me. Make copies of your tickets and conversations with these people.

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