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I ordered three tickets to the Phamtom of the Opera in Detroit, MI. I specifically told the agent, Melissa Cunningham, that I wanted mezzanine seating because I was taking my granddaughter, who is short.

I received the tickets and they were for the main floor, more expensive and way in the back of the theater. I contacted Northside and was told that they could do nothing because the box on the order form (specific seating only) was not checked, eventhough I told them I wanted mezzanine seating.

The only way that I could change the seats would be to purchase the seats that I wanted and hopefully the other seats that I didn't want would be sold and I would get the money back. Fat chance of that happening.

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We have also been a victim of Northside tickets. Isn't there anything that can be done to stop these criminals? I am finding posts about how fraudulent this company is going back years!


Get in touch with TicketNews. They worked hard to fight against Northside & get me a refund.


137 Bolton Rd.

Vernon, CT 06066

E-mail: editorial[at]

Office: 860-870-3400 x 135

Good luck!


Northside tickets scammed me as well. I just purchased for a Play in Chicago - a Brian Dennehy starring in Hughie a 2 act Eugene O'Neil play and Krapp's last tape a 1 act Samuel Beckett play.

It's for our Anniversary. Well they purchased online available tickets at the Goodman Available for $80 each and sent them to me. I paid just shy of $400. These scammers are located in Houston - save yourself some grief stay away from them.

These folks have 6-7 dozen ticket sales domains on the net.

In this manner they spread out the complaints to any one name so they don't get the attnetion from the Attorney General that they should. There is a special *** hole in *** for these characters.

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