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I purchased tickets online from them with what was portrayed as an Off-Broadway production of "The Little Mermaid". I was charged $369.56.

When I showed up to the theater, with my little girl, I found that it was not Off-Broadway but Youth Theater. I paid $369.56 for what I could have paid $23.00. I called Northside Tickets and they said they could not help me. This company knew what it was doing and continued to do it.

The gal who I spoke to the next day, after the play, called me back to apologize and say she isn't a bad person she only works for the company. Well Melissa I hope you, Blanca, and Gricelda can sleep at night knowing that you compromise your integrity every day.

I am a big believer in what comes around goes around. It is a deceitful company.

Monetary Loss: $346.

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I just purchased tickets through Northside back in October 2010 for Wicked on May 6, 2011. I started the phone calling the week before the performance asking for my tickets.

I got "they are in the mail." I heard, "don't you worry about a thing, we always get our tickets." I made many phone calls wanting to speak to a manager, but no one would return my calls. I got a phone call on May 4 telling me that it was just a courtesy call and that they were working on my tickets. I called back to talk to customer service where they told me that they didn't like to brag but, they always get their tickets.They called my on the Saturday of the performance to tell me that I didn't have tickets. They then assured me that I could just go to the venue and pick some up for cheaper.

I told them to quit lying to me and the manager went silent. She assured me that she wasn't and that I could just drive to the venue and pick some up. I called instead of driving because I live an hour away and sure enough SOLD OUT.

This company has absolutely NO integrity. I am still waiting to see if they refund my money of $500 plus for the five tickets.


Totally agree!! Paid 4x face value plus $17 service charge and $25 express delivery fee for seats that were next to the last row in the theater!!

Got ripped off big time!!!!

This guy links up to legit sites and makes you think your dealing with the theater's box office. :(


These guys look like a reputable business, but they charged more than twice the ticket price. When I called to ask about the difference in price they unabashedly said that my wife had agreed to their online "Terms and Conditions" which state 1) The face value of the tickets may be lower than the price she paid and 2) All Sales are Final.

STAY AWAY FROM Northside Tickets!!!


Here's a note similar to the one I sent my credit card company about Northside Tickets (which also appears to run the site: and other domain names):

I was assured repeatedly that they had the tickets and there was nothing to worry about and have kept copious notes from my various conversations that I had with them over the telephone to ask about delivery, which had been promised no later than three full days before the event, which was scheduled on 1-30-2011. Each time I called and spoke to someone, I was first put on hold, then reassured, then promised phone calls back "tomorrow morning" or "first thing this afternoon" but, of course, no one EVER called me.

I'd have to call back and go through the same exercise. I even told them "just cancel the order if you don't have the tickets and quit jerking me around" but got reassured again that they had them and would send them out the "next day" and would call me to tell me they were sent. Of course, no call, no tickets, no nothing and I'd have to call again, get put on hold, get the runaround, etc. I finally told them, on the Thursday before the Sunday event, to cancel my order (since they were not here more than 3 days in advance as promised) and demanded a refund.

They put me off yet again and refused to agree to refund the purchase for yet another day because "I had to talk with the person who had handled my order (name omitted)" - when I called to talk to her the next day, she put me on hold for a LONG time (as was the case every time I called) and then finally agreed to process a refund, but I still have not seen it (nearly ten days later). What a sleazy business.


I wish I had seen this before buying my tickets as well, except I really got hosed because I didn't even know I was ordering from Northside Tickets. I thought I was ordering from because that's where my receipt came from.

I was informed today, after my third complaint about not receiving my tickets yet, that they work through that website as well, or something.

I've sent a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and to the people listed above by Arthur. I hope someone can help me get my money back because I'm pissed.


Do not order from Northside tickets. My tickets never arrived and I called several times to get the run around.

They are very unprofessional. They are a scam!!!!!


I wish I read this before I got ripped off too. They got me the worst seats in the house for $360. Couldn't even enjoy the show because I was so pissed off.


Get in touch with TicketNews. They need to know about this. They worked hard for me to fight against Northside & get me a refund.


137 Bolton Rd.

Vernon, CT 06066

E-mail: editorial[at]

Office: 860-870-3400 x 135

Good luck!


Northside tickets scammed me as well. I just purchased for a Play in Chicago - a Brian Dennehy starring in Hughie a 2 act Eugene O'Neil play and Krapp's last tape a 1 act Samuel Beckett play.

It's for our Anniversary. Well they purchased online available tickets at the Goodman Available for $80 each and sent them to me.

I paid just shy of $400. These scammers are located in Houston - save yourself some grief stay away from them.

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