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I ordered 6 tickets for a performance on 4/16/2011 online at 11 am on 10/28/10 and realized that I would not be able to attend the event at 2:30 pm the same day. I called Northside tickets and asked for a refund since it was the same day and I had received an from them at 12:41 pm saying the delivery of my tickets would be delayed. I spoke to Ken who asked if he could sell me tickets for another date. I said no, I could not attend at all. He spoke with his manager and said he could not refund the tickets, they had already been purchased. I explained that I had received an email saying the shipment would be delayed. Again, he repeated that they did not frefund or exchange purchashes (however, he had asked me if he could sell me tickets for another date). I asked to speak to the manager, Catherine, she reiterated the same information, including that I had agreed to their terms of no refunds. I argued that since it was the same day, within 4 hours of the purchase and so far in advance of the performance, couldn't they refund my money. They said they had already purchased the tickets and the only thing they could do was to try and relist them and if they were able to resell them, I could get my money back. I asked to speak with Catherine's manager and was told she was not there. I left my home and work numbers and requested a phone call. Catherine told me her name was Gricelda.

On November 2, I received an email saying my tickets had been shipped - I had asked that they be relisted - and called Northside again at 1 pm and asked to speak with Gricelda. I was cut off. I called back and was put on hold for 3 minutes before Catherine took my call and told me Gricelda was busy (aren't we all?). I reminded her that I had asked that the tickets be relisted and she said she would "pull them from Fed Ex". I asked again to speak to Gricelda and was put on hold for 7 minutes. I again left a message for Gricelda to return my call and, again, left my home and work phone numbers.

Today, I gave up. I have never received the courtesy of a returned call from this organization. Their customer service is abomidable. I'm out over $700. Regardless of the terms and conditions posted on their site, I find it completely unreasonable that this agency didn't try to work with me on this issue. They couldn't even extend the common courtesy of returning a phone call. That's just wrong.

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Nyrany, Plzensky Kraj, Czech Republic #213762

I can relate to your problem. They put me on hold for 20 minutes and then I got cut off.

I called back and was on hold again for 10 minutes. They talked to me but told me lies about sending the tickets.

I never received the tickets in the mail like I was told I would. We did get to see the show but not without a lot of stress.

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